Can we stop pretending Moffat is this ruthless genius who doesn’t care about killing off characters? Because all Moffat does is give you death scene after death scene, leaves you hanging for a bit and then brings whoever it is back because he can’t risk the commitment. How there are people who still go “OMG. PLOT TWIST. SO SHOCKING” is beyond me.

It seems to me like the Elementary fandom is only watching the show just to compare it to Sherlock and say how better it is. 


Oh god Clara fans.... I'm just going to rant to you for a moment. Basically I don't like her because I just don't like her - she rubs me the wrong way in general and I don't like her for that reason. Of course, this automatically warrants Clara fans saying that I'm terrible, shouldn't follow them, deserve to be unfollowed, etc. when I don't even //talk// about it except maybe once in a while and it's always under a read-more and tagged so they know not to read it. Ughhhh.

YEAH I think that’s it for me too. I don’t like her because I just don’t like her. To be completely honest, I wasn’t going to like anybody who came after Amy, unless maybe if it was Karen Gillan with a wig and a different name, (Seriously, *I* could be the next companion and I would still hate me because I’m not Amelia Pond) but making Clara a romantic thing for the Doctor while that was the last thing he needed AND her fans just made it final for me. They’re mean, they’re nasty, they somehow support that we absolutely SHOULDN’T play favorites with companions when somebody says that they can’t like Clara because they miss Amy/Rose/Donna/Martha and yet they always seem to go on about how Clara is the most special of them all. Which ok, if you want to go on preaching how Clara is better and more important than the other companions (which she’s not she’s been there for half a season ffs) at least don’t be mean about it to people who disagree with you Oo

BAH ANYWAY, I have her name and the ship blocked so it doesn’t really bother me all that much since I don’t follow many Clara stans if at all. Plus, Eleven’s arc ended with him choosing to spend his final minutes with Amy being literally the only person he wanted to see so whatever else happens with Clara and Twelve I just don’t care because it’s not Eleven. I’m at peace.

Even though it’d be great if they ditched the romance and made them more BFFs/ father-daughter kinda thing because I love Capaldi and I’d like to actually start watching the show again. But I don’t really trust anything in Moffat’s hands anymore. I wish Capaldi would get another show runner :/


Why so mean about Clara though?

SORRY. I wish I could be nicer about Clara but there are some big factors that make me absolutely unable to. First one is her stans/shippers. I’m aware that is unfair towards her but she’s not real so whacha gonna do. I realise there are absolutely LOVELY Clara/ clara x eleven fans out there but some of the meanest most unpleasant people are also Clara fans and that makes me just not like her that much. I know it’s petty but again she’s not real so I don’t feel particularly bad about it. I’ve just come to associate her with bad people.

Furthermore I just dislike her entire arc and the fact that she is getting all this character development (even in a way I don’t like) that Amy should have gotten. Again, I am fully aware these are all petty reasons to dislike Clara and I’m never mean about her to people who love her, I don’t tag anything, I don’t really spend any time writing about her I just don’t CARE. But this is my personal blog where I’m kind of not filtered hence the nastiness. Sorry if I offended you in any way!


Do you think Twelve and Clara will be in a romantic relationship?

I don’t really think I’m qualified to answer that question as I seriously couldn’t care less about Clara and her romantic relationships…But I don’t think they’re going to go down that road, age difference of the actors and all? Of course the age difference didn’t stop the River/Doctor thing to happen but seeing that this was a huge failure even with River not a regular companion, I don’t think they’ll go for a romantic plot.

But even if they do…I just don’t really care because it won’t be Eleven anymore. It won’t be Matt that has to act out those scenes so Twelve can cut off his kidneys and give them to her as present for all I care and I still wouldn’t mind.


Christieeeeeeee did you like the rest of Eleven's last episode?

Oh no anon it was a horrible episode full of plotholes and lack of emotional depth. Basically just another Moffat episode whatcha gonna do. BUT Amy came back, Eleven/Clara didn’t kiss and Clara wasn’t even in it that much so I don’t even care


i live for your meta christie, run away with me



We see Amy through Eleven’s subconcious two times, one in Amy’s Choice and one in The Time of the Doctor. In Amy’s Choice he’s still a very young Eleven and his dark side brings up her sex dreams, tells her she should just leave Rory, shows up in a bath robe in front of her and tells her suggestively that anything can happen when she goes away with a handsome hero. His subconcious at that point wants her single and sexually available and free to travel with him with all possibilities on the table. 

And now, it’s been centuries and he’s lost her and he knows she chose Rory over him and he knows they lived a happy life together even without him and YET. Yet, still after all this time the last person he wants to see is Amy and obviously his dark side never won and obviously Amy has become so much more than a girl to lust and to want to yourself but STILL his subconcious gives him Amy alone and you know…doing this…

I think I orgasmed by how much Rory wasn’t there."
— Actual words I said after the Amy cameo

I’m all for “ship and let ship”

but you should know

if you ship Chuck and Blair I’m very openly judging you and your poor choices.

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